Hasna Mana Hai

“Is there a single day where you didn’t think about this?” This was the reply from a friend when I tried to impose my everyday preachings about career and study on her. It made me realize afterward that I haven’t passed a day without such thoughts. It meant that I have become a servant to the serious mode of life where there were very few memories of me having a good laugh. I too have a scale of enjoyment and seriousness for the way of life but it might not have a proper balance between the two.

Then I find someone/some people who are more into enjoyment and less serious (if compared to my state) of life. They also have “things to do” but they do not hesitate to make a good laugh over anything with or without a purpose. Their minds do not restrict them from bursting out like my monkey who has tamed me to discipline for the sake of I don’t know what.

It has always been a worry to live a life where one achieves many things but does not find much of memories when looking back. But at the same time, one cannot forget to struggle to make a better future while busy making good memories.

SOLUTION- Balance the time between the two conditions according to the choice of interest. One may prefer to sacrifice making good memories to achieve a higher level of life while another may sacrifice the option of achieving a good career for many good memories. But the best way to balance is to make sacrifices of one for the other according to the conditions. In other words, priority towards enjoyment or career should be balanced as they are required.

The other problem aroused from such inspiration is getting addicted to such companies where I can escape from my worries and engage in everyday conversations for a good laugh or peace of mind. Here the dependence on companies for peace of mind becomes an incomplete solution in the long run. One will not always find such companies around them for the whole day or the whole life. If I need someone to make me happy means I have not learned to make peace with myself permanently. It means I still seek attention, validation, or acceptance even if in a minor part.

SOLUTION- The true value of enjoyment and peace should also come through solitude. One should learn to enjoy being alone by self-treating such as doing things that one loves to do, using “important productive time” to make a good meal without any rush, or even having a good sound sleep.

In the end, such criticisms made me rethink many of my actions and time usage. It made me realize how important it is to give a break from the serious mode of life once in a while and make a good laugh. It made me change the balance of both conditions according to the necessity- seriousness and enjoyment, company and solitude.

“Don’t worry, be happy!”

One of the few laughs

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